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What is a Fire Alarm System?

In today’s protection of our properties, a fire alarm system plays an important part of the fire and life safety of building and its occupants. Fire alarm system main function is to detect a fire at a sufficiently early stage so that the people who are at risk can made safely either by escaping as […]

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The Importance of a suitable Earthing

Earthing, also known as grounding, is a fundamental and essential part of an electrical system. Despite not being a visible element, the earthing system is of vital importance for the safety of people and equipment, as it protects against dangerous potential differences. The function of the earthing in an electrical installation is to dissipate in […]

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Lightning rod and how does it work

What is a lightning rod and how does it work? A lightning rod is a lightning protection system, used to protect people, buildings and installations from lightning strikes in the event of a thunderstorm. Lightning arresters work by capturing lightning to prevent it from striking any object within the protection area. These elements of the external lightning […]

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