About Us

About Us

Micro Bytech International (Pvt) Ltd was formed in 1992 with an objective to market, install and maintain telephone systems and related products. During the years, we have added a lot of other products and services. Structured cabling, marketing and maintaining LAN equipment too, has become one of the major activities of the company. Apart from supplying communication equipment to the industry, we have been involved with supply of infrastructure materials for turnkey projects by which we have established a good sourcing network and logistics services to get the items on time. The total process is closely monitored and quality checked to enable customer satisfaction. Over the years, Micro Bytech as it is known with the associate companies, has made its name in the industry as one of the leading suppliers of the material. The sound technical background that we possess has been our asset in optimizing customer satisfaction. The telecom operators and Internet service providers have become the biggest customers over the years. However, we are also a major supplier to all corporate institutions, statutory bodies and Ministry of Defense. Project management and supplying all kind of material to projects, has started to function as a division within our institution; thus we are well focused in that area too. We had a
steady and rapid growth over the years and today represent many reputed international companies for their respective products and service as part of our sourcing network

Company Vision & Mission

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    Our Vision

    To become the most sort after company for the supply of material, equipment and Engineering Solutions in the Low and Extra Low Voltage applications and related industry.

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    Our Mission

    To provide the best solutions to the customers with our strong Engineering background and committed suppliers in Extra Low Voltage applications and related industry

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Our Clients

Our clients vary from common household users to major game changers in the fields,

  • Construction.
  • Telecommunications.
  • Media industry.
  • Government institutions.
  • Defense.

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+94 (011) 281 5481-3

+94(011) 451 7925

141/1, High Level Road, Nugegoda, Sri Lanka

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    Accumulating over 25 years of exipirence in the the ELV industry we provide various products and services in the field of telecommunications, data, cables, CCTV and lightning.


    141/1 Highlevel Road, Nugegoda, Sri Lanka