Test Equipment

Test Equipment & Tools

We carry electrical and fiber test equipment.

1. High Precision Cleaver

  • High Precision cleaver, applied to Single Fiber (250µm,900µm, 3.0mm, indoor fiber) and 2-12 cores Ribbon Fiber
  • Total 24 cleave blade end faces, and each blade end face can be used 3000 times, can totally use 72000 times.
  • Average cleave angle less than 0.5°.
  • Easy to operate, both on hand or on desk.
  • Easy to load the fiber, the cleaver can auto-reset, improve the work efficiency.
  • Artful fiber clamp design, and prevent the fiber damage caused by secondary cutting.
  • Produced with magnesium alloy materials, small size, light weight, High intensity and fashion appearance.
  • Anti-skid design for bottom, to make sure cleaver stable and safe when working

2. Mini optical power meter

  • SM or MM applications
  • LED light
  • 5mm universal connector
  • Visual fault locator
  • Wide measurement range with high resolution
  • 850/1310/1490/1350/1625nm

3. Optical visual fault locator

  • Identifying fiber breaks, bend, splice and other fault.
  • Large power up to 650nmred laser
  • Transmitting continuous light or 1Hz modulated light
  • Pen-shaped design, small size, light weight easy to use
  • Powered by standard AA batteries
  • 5nm universal connectors

4. Optical fusion splicer

  • Ultra-low Splice loss
  • Mirror Less Design
  • Low weight , less than 2Kg with battery and bumper
  • Full automatic heater
  • 6 seconds fast splicing
  • 7800mAH large Li battery pack
  • Compatible with bare fiber, tail fiber and indoor cable
  • Wind protect, dust-proof, water-proof

5. Ethernet Analyzer

  • 10M/100M/1000M Ethernet Test
  • High resolution 7.0” colorful LCD touch screen
  • RFC2544 (throughput, delay, bit loss rate, back-to-back) function
  • 8 traffic generator and multiple traffic generator
  • Intelligent detection and loopback
  • TCP protocol testing

6. Mini OTDR

  • Intelligent OTDR software provides detailed test report
  • Waveform display, quickly zoom in & zoom out, easy to operate.
  • Can use any USB charger to charge.
  • Comfortable button
  • Dustproof cover to protect optical port
  • Built-in OPM/VFL function

7. Indoor cable stripper

8. Tri-hole optic fiber stripper

9. Optic fiber tool kit

10. Network tool kit

11. Network cable tester

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