With different amplifier series POLYTRON has the perfect solution for any situation. From small apartment buildings to large distribution networks – POLYTRON amplifiers convince with reliable electrical values and long durability.

Special details are the excellent amplitude frequency response and the adaptable equalization and attenuation parameters. Flexible return-path concepts round off the amplifier profile.
The die-cast housing is a standard feature and completes the quality concept of POLYTRON amplifiers.

All POLYTRON amplifiers fulfill the high demands of Class A.


The reception of TV and radio channels via a shared distribution system is realizable by many ways. Each with specific pros and cons.

Channel converting headend technology is a convenient way especially for small and medium sized community systems like housing estates, hotels and hospitals.

By means of a thorough production and the use of high quality components, POLYTRON headends are fail save and work for many years. The design of our headends is optimized for low energy consumption, which raises the profitability of the investment when running the headends continuously over a period of many years.


The requirements to feed own content such as information channels, monitoring cameras, presentation videos for showrooms, etc. into shared distribution systems increases considerably.

The POLYRON modulators convert HDMI or AV signals of any source, such as cameras, media players, PCs, etc. to be fed into TV distribution systems.

Optical Devices

Beside the typical high frequency technology POLYTRON also offers high-capacity optical distribution components for fiber distribution. All optical components fulfill POLYTRON’s established quality criteria.

Application example:

Splitters and Taps

POLYTRON’s splitters and taps series offers a complete selection of all frequency gradings from 5 MHz up to 2,4 GHz and fulfill the high class A quality demands.

  • Fully soldered housings enable a high screening factor >100 dB (DIN EN 50083-2 (class A)).
  • practical plastic brackets for easy mounting
  • EMI decoupled by capacitive separators
  • excellent amplitude frequency response
  • the splitter and taps are suitable for return path
  • the series contains versions for CATV and SAT systems

POLYTRON's antenna sockets - best connection, safe mounting
Outlets with safety claws for fast and safe mounting

POLYTRON’s new antenna sockets – the PODO series – ensure best connection for reliable and high quality distribution systems.

  • Reliable transmission: CuBe-contacts feature lowest transition resistance.
  • Universal fixing fits in 55 mm flush mount sockets. With screw and claw fixing. Mounting depth only 21.5 mm.
  • Plug-in clamp for inner conductor.
  • Safety claw is sunk 100% for fast and safe mounting. Pushed out, it guarantees a safe and centered hold.
    The socket pulls itself onto the wall.
  • Support ring made of die-cast zinc.
  • Screw clamp is captive. Hinge lockable.
  • Extended F-connector
  • Easy installation of coaxial cables‚ with F-connector.


The approved accessories line completes the POLYTRON product range.
The reliable accessories facilitate the fast and easy Installation of reception systems.

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